For many people, understanding the various properties of each individual strain of medical cannabis is difficult, and it may take many grow’s before you arrive at the best Marijuana Seeds for your needs and requirements. Other users of prescribed Medical Cannabis already know the strains and varieties that are most compatible with their needs, and so therefore are expecting to search on the internet to find their favorite, purchase the strain as Medical Cannabis Seeds, either in their Regular, Feminized or Autoflowering versions, and beginning growing their selected strain.

Unfortunately, some companies are a wide and ever increasing number of strains and Medical Cannabis Seeds available, and often many different seed breeders use the same, or similar names to describe their product. Take for example, the Original White Widow. This was the first truly stable Medical Cannabis Strain, and it is claimed is the product of development of Simon from Serious Seeds, Arjan from Green House Seeds as well as Shanti-Baba, who now oversee’s the Mr Nice Marijuana Seed Bank. These are just a few of the claimants to the original White Widow, there are more, and even more Medical Cannabis Seed Teams, and Breeders since have developed, or have said they have developed their own, unique version of the Classic White Widow.

This is one of the areas that selecting Pick ‘N’ Mix Medical Cannabis Seeds can help you.

Pick and Mix allows the customer to choose several pot seeds and be able to grow different weed varieties. The price that they offer is the same if the customer will buy a pack of 10 seeds. Thus, if a pack of 10 seeds is worth $20, the single seed buyer pays only $2 per seed. They have all weed seed strains from regular seeds, auto-flowering to feminized hybrid marijuana seeds.

Why to buy 5 or 10 Medical Cannabis Seeds from the same breeder, when for almost the same cost, you can experiment across a wide variety of breeders, each of whom claim to have the best Medical Cannabis Seeds i that particular variety.

Imagine how good it will feel when they all reach maturity at approximately the same time, allowing you the opportunity to evaluate the varieties and which Medical Cannabis Seeds from which breeders performed the best, with either Bud producing or enhanced resination.

Pick and Mix Medical Cannabis Seeds Offering both single seeds and conventional packs of cannabis seeds from the major seed banks so you can create your dream grow room.

Pick ‘N’ Mix Medical Cannabis Seeds aim to be the cheapest place to buy marijuana seeds, and guarantee to beat any online price.

Harvesting and manicuring your matured Medical Cannabis can be a time consuming chore, and the more you grow, the longer it takes. Use a variety of Pick N Mix Marijuana Seeds to stagger your harvests for optimum garden efficiency. If your a lover of the Sativa Marijuana Seeds, but find the longer wait an ordeal, sometimes leading to the odd branch, bud or Cola being taken before it’s fully ripened, why not consider purchasing one or two selected Indica’s, or perhaps an Autoflowering version of your favorite varieties. By using Single Medical Cannabis Seeds and being able to Pick N Mix opens the door to an endless garden of variety, and ultimately variety in the spice of your life.

People are blessed with hundreds of cannabis seeds to choose from but is usually restricted to buying them in packs of 10. This makes building a collection prohibitively expensive and time consuming. We have introduced a way for people to try a variety of seeds.

Why to choose medical cannabis pix in mix seeds?

Do you find it hard to decide which new strains you’d like to add to your legal cannabis seed collection?  Want to browse a mammoth catalogue of top-notch seeds without breaking the bank?  Would you prefer to collect a couple of seeds here and there, instead of ordering full packs?

The good news

The pix in mix cannabis seeds providing to the growers a huge selection of fine-quality legal cannabis seeds from a dream-team comprising some of the world’s top breeders;

With such a vast selection of quality produce at hand, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what you’d like to purchase at any one time: The better news!

Now, the growers can pick and mix as many different varieties, strengths, colours and sizes of cannabis seed that they like, without having to pay out on full packets each time. Every weed seed on this page can be bought in either a single or mixed packs, giving you the opportunity to try out new varieties or remember old favourites.

And a lot of these pick and mix cannabis seeds are available in regular, feminised and autoflowering varieties which gives you the opportunity to try out something a little different without changing your entire crop.

Almost every online shop request no minimum or maximum order value, which means you can buy cannabis seeds in the quantity that suits you all with our guaranteed price promise. And with cannabis seeds starting from as little, you can afford to take your time and get a selection that is going to create a crop you can really be proud of.

Right now, the Dinafem White Widow seed is proving to be the top cannabis seed that everyone wants in their pick and mix selection. But for something with unquestionable power, the Zambeza Seeds Fruit Juice Feminized Cannabis may be more your flavour.

But this isn’t an either / or situation. The beauty of the pick and mix is that you can grow all the varieties you want, so that you can enjoy varying harvest dates, varying effects and incredible skunk that is going to suit your every mood.

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